for IBM Connections



CGATE™ is a delightful and easy to use front end for IBM Connections. It will be customized to your organization and your employees – no need to adapt your processess to the tool, or for your employees to learn a new vocabulary. The users will get started in no time, leveraging the power of collaboration without the need for extensive training or user adoption programs. All content is stored in IBM Connections, so there is no need for an additional system to manage content. You will discover how CGATE™ will make collaboration a natural part of the work day – powering your intelligent organization.

One Framework

Three layers




CGATE™ comes as a complete framework, ready to be customized for your needs. Each layer has a distinct purpose, and ensures that CGATE™ will be just as easy to use and you need it to – without the hassle of integrating with IBM Connections.

Easy from the Start

No manual required



You should not have to read a manual to be social. Or learn a new vocabulary. We ensure that CGATE™ is easy to understand right from start, by adapting it to your organization and your users. IT should support to the people and the processess in the organisation, not the other way around.

After all, we believe that all humans are social by nature. Your collaboration tool should make you life easier, not add another layer of confusion.

News Feed

The voice of the organization



Make you organizational news highlighted and distinguished from the social flow. This way, you can remain a distinct channel for you to communicate to your employees, without the fear of being drowned in the social feed.


The powerhouse of collaboration



Quickly switch between your personal communities and see the latest status updates or post. Make it clear for users where they are and who have access. And call it something completely different, if the word communities doesn’t work in your organization.


Adapted to your structure




Search for person or customized content in Connections. Restrict or structure search results to certain communities and / or tags. Or add your own sources outside Connections.

Versatile Wikis

Focus on content




Wikis are all about content. In CGATE™ you view wikis with easy navigation and high readability. Use it to emphasize official information from the organization or let it power the content created in your organization.

Make it Yours

Your Intranet – Your Way




With the complete framework it is easy to build new solutions that works in your organization. Want to monitor social media? Book a meeting room? Add customized input forms? Through an open and flexible framework, we have great opportunities to customize the solution to your needs.

Works Everywhere

The same great experience on all devices




CGATE™ comes with a fully responsive design, and works perfectly on mobile devices and tablets.