Tools for an intelligent organization

CGATE™ is our new concept that is based on one simple belief: IT should support humans and processes, not the other way around.
To ensure the intelligent organization, we believe that the tools provided should be:

  1. Adapted to the organization. The tools will support existing processes and meet the needs of individuals, not vice versa.
  2. Integrated. By giving employees ONE starting point in their work, minimizes the duplication of information, confusion and communication silos.
  3. Easy to use. The real value of IT will come when people use them – so make sure they are used.

CGATE ™ is based on these three foundations and provides customized tools that facilitate adaptation to today’s powerful tools for more productive activities.

CGATE™ for IBM Connections

CGATE ™ for IBM Connections provides tools to facilitate the adaptation of IBM Connections to your organization’s needs.

We zero in on the opportunity to give you an integrated platform for both your corporate communication and your social stream.

A major focus is on flexibility and the ability to customize the solution for your specific needs.

Usability is key and all components are intuitive, fun to use and works just as well on the computer in the mobile phone and the e-reader.

CGATE ™ for IBM Connections drives the use of IBM Connections and create conditions for the intelligent organization.

ONE integrated platform

The traditional intranet




Vertical communication

  • Information that is hard to navigate
  • One way communication
  • Weak employee interaction

Collaboration platforms



Horizontal communication

  • Islands of social groups
  • Information isolation
  • Limited company communication

Parallell implementations


It is popular with parallell implementations

  • Double information
  • Confusion and low efficiency
  • High IT management costs

ONE integrated intranet with CGATE™




All the best with CGATE™

  • All information in one place
  • Both vertical and horizontal communication
  • Efficient employee engagement

Adapted to your needs

All starts with EGBS needs analysis



  1. Define the efficiency objectives
  2. How is today’s solutions used
  3. Understand the users and their needs
  4. Target group and needs analysis
  5. Proposal on functionality
  6. Summarize and take the next step


Functions are determined by your Needs and your Users


Based on your Processes and your Employees the integrated solution is developed.

  • Tailored to your Needs → business benefits from day one
  • Adapted to your Users → high level of engagement from the start